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What is Steri-7 and 

how can it benefit my Business?

  • WAI Steri-7 is a ready-to-use spray and is clinically proven to eradicate 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses and spores  
  • Unlike many sanitisers or aerosols available, Steri-7 is unique in its special formulation which regenerates for 7 days after use 
  • A reactive barrier is created by the spray for further protection  
  • Totally safe on any surface 
  • Steri-7 is a global brand used across all sectors; from NHS, Police, Blue Light Services, Marriott hotels and Car Main Dealers 
  • Full HD video available 
  • Point of sale available 
  • Once the surface has been treated with Steri-7,  it is safe for 7 days! 

In the aftermath of this year, drivers are more  safety-conscious than ever. From their vehicle to your workshop, they want reassurance that you’re taking extra precautions to be as clean and careful as possible.  


The non-corrosive treatment can be carried out by your mechanics in just seconds as a gesture of goodwill or be offered as an add on paid service to ensure drivers that you are going above and beyond to follow best practice during the pandemic. is now a distributor of WAI Steri-7 in the automotive industry and can secure orders on a garage’s behalf. 

We have spoken to a few of our mechanics and suggested that by charging just £2 per treatment on top of each repair you could earn £400 from the Steri 7 Sanitiser Kit as one 10l pack treats up to 200 vehicles. 

How much does 

a Steri-7 kit cost

There are different sized kits available to purchase. Both include the high-level disinfectant and a counter display case which is free of charge for all orders of a case of 8+ bottles. See the full contents of each kit and their prices below:

Sanitiser Kit

  • 10 litre Steri-7 biocidal cleaner
  • Ready to use Pack of 10 disposable masks
  • 2 litre pressure sprayer
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • 200 Stickers
  • Poster




Retail Bottle

  • 250ml Bottle of Steri-7
  • Cloth
  • Retail Box