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eBay offer a sustainable marketplace solution for garage looking for high green car parts that have been VRA certified. 

A green car part is sold every 8 seconds on We estimates that 146,000 cars have been recycled through the eBay platform which has in turn seen an incredible CO2 saving of 1.9 million tonnes. 

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Key Benefits to Joining the Network

Trusted Parts

Eco Friendly

Major Savings

Earn carbon saving points.

Have confidence that you are buying quality car parts – all car parts listed on eBay have been VRA certified. 

Provide your customers with sustainable options – garages signed up to the eBay network will benefit from the eBay green badge. 

Reduce your carbon footprint. 

Help the Environment.

Enjoy a cost-saving of circa 60% less OEM RRP. 

There’s plenty of choice with over 5.4 million listings. 

88% of the biggest UK vehicle recyclers trade on eBay UK. 

Show drivers you’re green and provide quality parts

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What does ‘VRA Certified’ mean?   

VRA certify UK-based vehicle recyclers to make sure they abide with the ‘UK Standard for Reclaimed Parts from End-of-Life Vehicles’. 

All parts come with a warranty 

All parts are tested and delivered in a standard way and every part is traceable 

Inventory is graded based on the quality 

Key information such as part number and colour code are provided 

Provenance is guaranteed

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