Rise To The Challenge

Become A Bosch Car Service Workshop

Bosch Car Service are looking to expand their garage network and have identified your garage as being in a key area for future development.

Bosch Car Service (BCS) is a global network of premium independent workshops, working in partnership with the recognised and trusted Bosch brand.

What we offer garages

Business Support

BCS offers you comprehensive support in all key areas of your business.


BCS offers you and your team extensive training opportunities, with a range of topics and programmes.

Marketing Support

To ensure maximum exposure for its members, BCS provides a wealth of marketing support material.

Technical Expertise

As a member of the BCS network, you are provided with access to a wide range of technical support.

Are you interested in joining a high qualitiy branded garage network?

The topics above are just some of the exciting benefits Bosch Car Service has to offer. Representing the Bosch Car Service brand tells your customers that they can expect uncompromising qualitiy and service.

If you're interested in the network, we would be delighted to work with you in becoming a member of our global family of top workshop professionals.

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